week 11


How are you doing friends? Enjoyed with your holiday? I mean raya holiday? haha..For me, I really hope that the holiday will be more than 1 week as there are so many places to go especially open houses. However, my one week holiday was a bit distrupted by things that I cannot avoid. Things like assignments really bother me during my raya.

Ok! Lets forget about raya and holiday for a while and talk about what we had this week in Resources class. This week, the Tuesday's class joined with the Thursday's class as Pn Foziah was on Mc on Tuesday. So, I think this is the very first time the whole Cohort in one Resources class. So, the condition of the class was abit crowded and hectic especially when we were shocked of knowing the assignments due date is around the corner. We did not realize that there are two more assignments..group assignments that needed to be handed in in one and two weeks time respectively.

So, theres not much time left for us other than just doing the assignments. Till then, ADIYOS


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